Endu and Aman

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Endu about Aman....
Aman and I met when I moved to Virginia, December 2005.  I was staying at my sister’s place and we were getting ready to go out for a night on the town a few days before New Year’s Eve.  Aman came over so we can all go out together and like a hurricane he stormed the house with his huge personality.  I was getting ready in my room when I heard him make his way down the hall to introduce himself. I was thinking to myself, I’m not fully clothed I know he won’t just barge in here; so much for that thinking.  He came right in and with that awkward greeting you give someone for the first time, he made his way back to the living room.  And so the journey begins…
One of the things I most enjoy about Aman is his amazing ability to befriend everyone and anyone.  I always tell him how envious I am of his ability to spark a conversation with anyone he meets about a topic that is dear to them (God only knows how he finds these topics) and stay captivated in this conversation for hours on end. 
Aman is an adventurous, enthusiastic and determined man and is always willing to try something at least once.  He’s absolutely daring from his thrill seeking adventures to his eagerness to always exceed his own expectations.  He hates to be limited and if limitations are imposed, he’s front and center to “fight for his right”!
His sense of humor is a little twisted but seems to always put a smile on my face.  He is loving, caring and the epitome of what a husband means to me.  He always puts his family and home first above all and will go to the earth’s end to ensure they are taken care of. 
Before I moved to the DC area from the West Coast I had some challenges in my life and had asked my heavenly father to bless me with a new life with a man that loved me for me and respected me as he would his mother or sister.  To my surprise that is what I got.
Papi-ye thank you for loving me and respecting me.  Thank you for the lovely years together and for the future years we are about to embark on.  Life has been a roller coaster in the past four years and I can’t wait to see where this ride will take us.


Aman about Endu...

Some moments change your life, some change the way you look at yourself or even the world, and these moments are so powerful that they are etched in your memory. Endu and I met in a moment like that. On a cold December evening, she was getting ready to go out for the evening and I, visiting her sister. As I sat on the couch in the living room casually having a conversation with Teba, the conversation broke when Teba asked, Have you met my sister? To which I replied no. Teba and I have been friends for a longtime, reluctantly referring to each other as each other’s sanity, in a society where we couldn't relate our friendship was an escape from the ordinary.

Oh let me get her Teba replied, which I politely declined as I made my way through the hallway in to the bedroom where she was getting ready and all I said was are you decent? Wondering if she had anything on and then there was that moment followed by an awkward pause and introductions followed, I walked away back to my couch and all I could think was how I never met her before and why. I guess people come in to your life at certain times for certain reasons. I know that now and I am glad for the lesson. Endu with her sensual beauty, piercing smile, gossipy eyes and a sense of humor that Seth Macfarlane would kill to have on his writing team accented with her relentless attention to detail has eternally captured my soul enough to let it dance with hers.

And when the music stopped I got down on my knees and asked if she would dance with me forever to which she replied HOLY F_ _K. I don't know if she was blinded by the ring or maybe the idea of dancing with someone who cannot follow a rhythm got her worried not to mention forever, but I guess it’s safe to assume she couldn't see herself dancing with anyone else. So the music plays and here we are ready to embark on this wonderful voyage.

Thank you for letting my heart sing with yours and my soul dance
Thank you for letting me be everything and not anything
Thank you for showing me what love is.
P.S. She was decent



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