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The Wedding Party


Fana Makonnen

Fana is one of my dearest friends who has come to be “one of my sisters”.  She’s always the voice of positive thinking and always ready to make the best of EVERY situation. 
Nitsuh Reta

Nitsuh known to everyone else as “Mitu” is the baby sister I never had.  She’s one of the kindest people I know and is always there in your time of need.
Teba Molla

Teba is my older sister who sometimes thinks she’s my mum.  Ms. Social Butterfly, you’re always guaranteed a party when she’s around.

Sosina Shewangzaw

Sosina is one of my oldest and dearest friends.  We have been friends for God knows how long.  Catching up after eight years was like we were just continuing a conversation from eight minutes ago.



Christohper Simmons

One of my best friends who always was around even from the battlefields of Bosnia to Iraq. Defiant, strong and gentle. I've known chris as long as I've lived in Virginia. 


Anteneh Solomon

Growing up I learnt what friendship is all about by looking at the friendship of  gashe solomon and my father, today Anteneh a  perfect replica of his father, My childhood friend, Anteneh and I grew up together went to school together and definitely good of a friend as our parents.


Dawit Yessuwork

aka Davu  "The life of the party" let me rephrase that, there is no party without Davu. fun exciting and caring a true friend.


Kefyalew Wakjira

I am blessed to have my uncle as one of my grooms men, Kefe was the architect of my fondest memories growing up, the funniest man in the family kefe will entertain you thoroughly.



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